Oarma is a modern label with responsible design as its core. 


We are committed to supporting change in the fashion industry. 


We believe the future of fashion is circular and that waste should no longer exist. 


Following these principles, we create every piece to be worn and loved for a lifetime. 

Design, materials and processes


In order to minimize the environmental impact of each garment, our materials are carefully selected from recycled fabrics and natural fibres. 


We reuse and recycle fabric from leftover and over-ordered productions, giving a second life to fabrics that otherwise would end-up in the landfill. 


Our production is based on a ‘made-to-order’ model, each piece is created exclusively upon request, a process that avoids excess inventory and reduces waste. 


Everything is made locally and ethically. 


Our impact


We are committed to doing more than just reducing our impact and actively seek ways to create positive change. We invest in programs that replace the resources we have spent. We’re part of the Carbon Neutral initiative that helps to reforest the Australian landscape.

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