Supporting a positive change in the fashion industry, we are committed to creating contemporary bridal pieces, pushing boundaries to make beautiful and sustainable collections fit for the world we live today and the future. 

The current take-make-waste industrial model is broken and non-renewable resources are used on producing garments that won’t last more than one season.
We demand a radical transformation of the system and its relationship with the environment by encouraging a deeper connection with the objects and experiences that surround us. 

Design, materials and processes

Oarma is a modern label with responsible design as its core. Our garments are designed to last and be worn for years, even decades, to come. Minimal design, timeless and quality are the concepts that inspire our work. 
We believe the future of fashion is circular and the idea of waste has to disappear. Following these principles, the pieces are created to be loved for a lifetime, disrupting the traditional disposable bridal market while still meeting the current needs. 

Our commitment to nature in each decision we make with our collections. In order to minimize the environmental impact, the fabric are selected carefully for natural and dead-stock materials. Silk is one of the key materials used in our collections and a signature of the brand chosen for its exceptional quality and recyclable properties. Reusing and recycling textiles from leftover and over-ordered productions, we give a second life to fabrics that otherwise would end-up in the landfill.

With sustainability at the front of our ethos, our production is based on a ‘made-to-order’ model, each piece is created exclusively upon request, a process that operates as a way to avoid excess inventory and reduce waste. 
The collections are locally made by artisans and manufacturers, supporting slow fashion and cultivating respect for the people who make our clothes. We ensure exceptional quality and radical transparency towards the future of fashion that we imagine. 



Always looking for new ways of bringing sustainability and innovation into our practices, our partners and collaborators are essential to help us on this mission.

A partnership with Studio Tinta is allowing us to experiment with natural dyes, encouraging the use of bridal pieces that can be colored after the wedding ceremony and reworn as a new garment. 
The studio provides color textile solutions from locally-sourced botanicals using fresh and dried plant materials. 

More information about the project will be available soon.

Please note if you wish to have your garment dyed at a later stage, your garment will need to be prepared for the dyeing process prior to construction. 


Our impact

Understanding our environmental impact and challenging the industry, we want to evolve from just reducing our impact to making a positive change. We invest in programs that replace the resources we have spent, managing our impact and the carbon footprint created from the running of business. 
We are part of the Carbon Neutral initiative that helps to reforest the Australian landscape, repairing the consequences of the impact of the human race on the planet. 

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